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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I have to say, The Pursuit of Happiness and Getting the Love You Want are two of the most amazing books I have ever read (well, I’m still reading them). They have a transformative power that surprises me – I don’t expect to find that in a book. (I tried reading David Burns’ Feeling Good and it didn’t do much for me.)

It’s not that The Pursuit of Happiness tells me anything I didn’t already know. I’m smart enough and experienced enough and observant enough that I have gleaned a great deal of knowledge over the years. But this knowledge was not internalized – it was like a jumble of jigsaw pieces, some misplaced, some forgotten. The book served as a guide to piecing the puzzle together, forming a coherent picture. But more importantly, it showed me that there weren’t any missing pieces! So I didn’t have to waste any more time searching in order to complete the puzzle.

When does knowledge become wisdom? When does awareness become enlightenment? How do you arrive at true understanding...? How the hell do I know?! But I can say that, for me at least, this book was a conduit from one to the other, a valuable tool of empowerment. And for that, I am grateful to David Myers.

Getting the Love You Want was also a transformative book. But this time, it DID tell me things I didn’t know. The premise that Harville Hendrix presents for explaining the nature of conflict in a relationship was a real eye-opener, and utterly astonishing in its paradoxical aspect.

Early this morning, after I had read some more from both books, I suddenly and unexpectedly arrived at an epiphany! I understood where I was! As a result, my spirit soared. I knew what had to be done in my life and in my relationships! And I finally felt I had the strength to do it.

My journey is not over yet, not by a long shot. But I feel I’ve reached a major milestone. Hopefully I will not forget what I have achieved today...


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