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Sunday, December 03, 2006


The Apple Mac Pro is nearly 100,000 times faster than my original IBM PC. It can have up to 100,000 times the memory capacity (16GB/128KB). And if you add a couple of hard drives (for those big media file downloads), it can have 100,000 times the hard drive capacity (2x500GB/10MB).

Because the Mac Pro uses the cool-running “Woodcrest” version of Xeon, it doesn’t need the massive cooling apparatus of the previous G5-based Power Mac. This gives Apple room to add a second optical drive bay but since I see no need for a second SuperDrive, I imagine I’d use it to add a Blu-ray writer when it becomes available.

The Mac Pro also uses RAM heat sinks because the RAM modules will run quite hot. Other innovations include those wonderful hard drive caddies which makes hard drive installation dead easywhy haven’t they thought of this great idea before??

Apple is so good at hardware innovations (I’m reminded of the magnetic power connector on the MacBook Pro, as well as the brilliant screen hinge design). The Mac Pro takes innovation to the next level.

Not only hardware innovations but software innovations, too! OS X “Leopard” will blow Vista out of the water, I’m sure. And you just gotta love iLife and iWork.

Yes, the Mac Pro is the ultimate computer (for the time being). (Not the MacBook Pro because, as much as I admire it, laptops are prone to running really hot and they have limited CPU/memory and hard drive capacities.)

Happy Silver Anniversary, IBM PC!

(See my anniversary blog.)


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