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Thursday, December 22, 2005

When Opportunity Meets Preparation

Wise (and very successful) people have told me that there is no such thing as luck. “Luck,” they say, “is when Opportunity meets Preparation.”

Bill Gates was not “lucky.” The DR-DOS and IBM opportunity came at the right time and he was Prepared for it, having created Microsoft and working hard on small computers and BASIC.

I was not lucky, either. The ATI opportunity came at the right time and I had been Preparing for this day, having made all the right career choices from 1980 to 1993. (I had been trying to get into ATI for years.)

As the New Year 2006 approaches, I am, once again, Prepared for more Opportunities. The hard work that I put into my therapy these past three years will hopefully pay off. Will I finally find the love of my life? Will I finally get into archery and Tai Chi? Will I create my first commercial website using Ruby on Rails? Will I find a new career doing Macromedia Flash development? Or will it be something entirely different that I haven’t even imagined yet?! The world is my oyster...

Preparation + Opportunity => Luck

The best of luck and prosperity to all of you in the New Year!