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Monday, February 06, 2006

Windows Rot,1895,1919007,00.asp

There's something else at work here, too: Jim Allchin has already announced he will retire at the end of this year, after Vista ships.

I take that as a statement, not an either-or. Allchin is enough of a leader—make that well-liked leader—that the troops can be expected to pull out all the stops to ship Vista on Allchin's watch.

This "win one for the Gipper" angle could all by itself be enough to get Vista out the door before year-end.

Yeah, right. Given Micro$oft's history, I find this highly doubtful.

Windows Rot
"Windows Rot" is the name someone gave the process by which a Windows machine becomes progressively slower the longer you use it and the more software you install on it.

He thinks Windows Vista could deteriorate even more quickly than Windows XP. Before I hung up the phone, he said something about "getting one of those Intel-based Macs, just in case."

Indeed, Mac OS, and as far as I can tell all other Unix-based operating systems, suffer nothing like Windows Rot and remain much cleaner well into their useful lives.

Windows, on the other hand, at least if you do very much with it, seems to eventually slow to a point that reinstalling the OS and starting over seems the best course.

I've never seen Microsoft officially admit that Windows Rot exists, perhaps because the people who could fix it have to rebuild their own machines so often for new OS releases and testing that they never actually suffer from it.

But, out in the real world, the syndrome definitely exists.

So there you have it. It's not your imagination. Windows Rot is a REAL phenom. And if you think Vista will fix this problem, DREAM ON.

Folks, it's TIME to give up the ghost on Winblows...


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