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Monday, November 13, 2006


The only obstacle to Smalltalk adoption is that people are not comfortable with pure Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Smalltalk demands that you think entirely and purely in terms of objects and classes. You need to feel totally comfortable with object-oriented design. Hence, the reason I’m reading Chamond Liu’s book “Smalltalk, Objects, and Design.”

I love this book!! It is so well-written, so easy to read, and so elucidating. It may well be the best book on Smalltalk and object-oriented design ever written!

I’m paying a lot of attention to this book because I feel that I need to establish my mindset in a totally and purely object-oriented way. I have to eat, sleep, and think objects and classes. For over twenty years, procedural programming has been drilled into my consciousness, and I’ve got to completely shake that.

I believe that if you establish this object-oriented mindset and then practice with the Smalltalk class library, you will quickly become proficient. Smalltalk is the perfect OOP language, much more so than Ruby or Java or C++.

I highly recommend Chamond Liu’s book. Well worth the purchase price:


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