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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Microsoft Watch link: Nature Abhors a Vacuum

I won't make excuses for Microsoft. There simply are not enough supporting Windows Vista applications and drivers yet. Vista isn't yet consumer ready. I see the unreadiness as extension of Microsoft's logistical goof that resulted in Windows Vista missing the holiday sales season. I keep asking Microsoft executives, How do you miss Christmas! No one has an answer because there is none. You can't miss Christmas.

As a user, I'll say it: Mac OS X Tiger is unequivocally superior to Windows XP. I wouldn't say the same about Windows Vista, however. Tiger and Vista are more equals, but not really enough. I'll take Vista over Tiger, which I've already done.

Um, I’ll take OS X Leopard over Vista... That’s the smarter move.

(Vista is immature. It has Version 1.0 kinks. And as Joe Wilcox says, it’s not consumer-ready.)

A little over two weeks ago I walked into the Apple store in Palo Alto and bought myself a new MacBook Pro. Yes, the new sexy Intel dual core MacBook Pro. And I went home and after not using a Mac for over 15 years, put my Dell PC notebook literally in the bookshelf and have been using this new Mac as my primary computer for the past 2 weeks.

And what do I have to say about the experience after two weeks? My God! This is f***ing amazing! For the past 15 years I've pretty much been a diehard Microsoft PC guy. I've mocked the religious zealotry of the cult of Macintosh. I've derided the senseless brainwashing that Steve Jobs seems so elegant at.

Call me a convert. Call me a traitor. Call me a heretic. Or call me a fanboy. Welcome me to the club or say it ain't so Joe, but all I can say is that Kristopher is right. It just works. And it feels so great while it does that. It's the best I've felt about using a computer in a long, long time.


Blogger Darkest Knight said...

I've been a Microsoft guy ever since 1983 (when I bought the IBM PC). Two years ago, I bought the iMac G5 and I haven't looked back! OS X is soooo much better than Windows.

Joe says, "I'll take Vista over Tiger." Um, I'll take Leopard over Vista. That's the smarter move.

Vista is *immature*. It has Version 1.0 kinks. And as Joe points out, it's not consumer-ready. (Yes, I'm a consumer.)

David says, "You try managing a project of that size." My feeling is that Microsoft was too damn ambitious with the Longhorn project. They bit off far more than they could chew. As a result, I won't even consider using Vista until at least Service Pack 1. And perhaps not even then.

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