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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Going Mobile, Part 2

I discovered a really neat service for my Palm TX (and for any mobile computer that has an Internet connection). It's called Avvenu and it lets you access files on your server computer from anywhere on the planet. You must install Avvenu on your server, which should remain online all the time so that you can access it remotely. You can then download files, view files, or even upload files. It's great, and it's free!

Now, whether I'm in Mongolia, Nepal, Australia, or Antarctica, I can stay in touch with "home base," as long as there's a wireless hotspot nearby. Shades of Mission: Impossible.

My brother has a great little application program for your Palm called ChemTable. It provides detailed information on every element of the Periodic Table. The presentation layout is highly configurable. It has garnered much international praise, especially from people in the scientific and military community (private communication only). Check out the reviews here and here.

I just ordered a 2GB SD card for the Palm. It will allow me to store hundreds of MP3s and play them through my iPod earbuds. This effectively renders my iPod mini obsolete!


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