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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Open Source Revolution

This article discusses how powerful and pervasive the Open Source movement has become...

Why does Microsoft constantly fall on its face when it comes to operating system deadlines, while Linux continues to cruise along popping out one release after another?

Linux has evolved as much in just two years as Microsoft has tried, and failed, to evolve Windows from XP to Vista over what looks to be more than four years, now, of active development.

The software revolution has already happened, and open-source has won.

Microsoft is now a dinosaur in the software world. They are heading towards extinction. The way they develop software is outdated, outmoded and ineffectual. And they are probably too big to change their ways.

Linux continuously evolves and improves. New versions come out several times a year. But with Microsoft's Windows, you have to wait years for a new release, in the case of Windows Vista more than four years!! This is no way to develop product for the information age.


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