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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Re: Violence versus Spirit, cont'd

The War on Terrorism is remarkably like the War on Drugs, another of the US government’s great follies. Rather than attacking the problem at the root, they attack the “facilitators” of the drug problem: the drug lords, the drug trade, the supply side. If you correctly address the people’s demand for self-medication, the drug problem goes away all on its own. It is the people who feed the drug trade, who support the drug lords. Without customers, they go out of business.

Al Qaeda are the equivalent of the drug cartels. They feed on the people, draw their strength from the people. Their millions of supporters worldwide give al Qaeda their reason to exist. Al Qaeda are the facilitators, not the source of the problem. It is folly to focus largely or entirely on Osama. Take away al Qaeda’s social support and terrorism loses its bite.


"What you fail to grasp in your plaintive bleatings about civilisation and humanity is that WE represent civilisation and humanity and Osama and his ilk represent a total lack of both and in fact a complete, total, unending hatred of both."
- Sobotic Research

This is precisely the message I’ve been trying to get across to you folks. James (aka "Sobotic Research") exemplifies the problem, the sickness, that has gripped our society, our leaders, our populace. These people lack imagination. They lack faith in humankind. They are unable to visualize a humanistic approach because they’ve lost their connection to eros, to their own sensuality, to the universal life force. They cannot see; they are blind to the possibilities of the human spirit. They come from an emptiness deep within themselves and thus all they have in their possession are anger, fear, hatred, distrust, hopelessness, desperation, greed...all of which lead to violence as the only means of problem resolution. When the only tool you have is violence, every problem looks like violent conflict.

These words, the meaning of these words, will be lost on James, because he doesn’t have the facilities of his right brain to help him process them. He doesn’t have the erotic basis to expose his feelings, his humanity. All he has is the cold, pragmatic logic of problem resolution, based on the pseudo eros that springs from his inner void. He is fundamentally unable to integrate the two halves that make us whole human beings.

As I said, James is only the archetype. You can find more of his example throughout our society...


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