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Monday, March 20, 2006

Re: Violence versus Spirit

Don’t be an idiot. The terrorist threat is nothing like Hitler and Nazi Germany. You seem to forget that “Osama and his ilk” are only a SMALL percentage of the MILLIONS of people who hate the West and who SUPPORT al Qaeda (the millions of people from whom al Qaeda draws their strength). Whatever the agenda Osama and his ilk may have, you have to look at the collective psyche of the millions of supporters, the millions who resent the West. While you may have some insight into the thoughts of Osama (and even that is highly doubtful, since you don’t know him personally and you are ill-equipped to perform an actual psych profile of the man), you cannot by any stretch of the imagination speak for the millions around the world. If al Qaeda did not exist, some other similar movement would arise, simply because the problem is not al Qaeda itself, nor Osama himself, but the attitudes, beliefs, and feelings of a much greater number of people.

Your attitude is an extremist reaction to extremism. It so clearly demonstrates how you, and many other people (especially the conservatives), have truly lost their connection to eros. It strongly suggests that you possess very little human compassion, and that whatever you do have is totally overwhelmed by anger and distrust and lack of faith in humankind. You do not try to understand human nature – you leap into an immediate conclusion without letting your right brain moderate the mental process. My theory is that you can’t help it, that for whatever reason your corpus callosum has degenerated, preventing you from balancing your viewpoint with imagination, visualization, and feelings. Don’t feel bad, though, because you are not alone – you share this syndrome with Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and just about everyone in the spiritually repressed, conservative right wing of the American population (and Canadian population, for that matter).

I stand by my belief that civilization need not be in danger from this threat ***if*** we do the right thing. We are nowhere near the point where it’s a choice between ethical behaviour or our very survival. Such extremist thinking does not serve mankind well and only shows how truly disconnected you and your ilk are.

You read my words and, yet, you do not understand. Your capacity to appreciate how truly lost we are as a society, spiritually and erotically, has been severely diminished. You do not understand that the very actions of the Bush administration and the supporters of the war is a further extension and continuation of this basic, deep-to-the-core spiritual void. All the philosophies that espouse love and compassion and understanding have it right – we need to return to our humanity in order to truly solve our human problems. The key is to recognize when is a threat amenable to a peaceful approach and when is a threat only resolvable with the worst case scenario of violence.

In the case of current terrorism, that worst case scenario, that path of last resort, that adoption of a violent solution, is not even close to being justified, not when we have the opportunity to pursue a peaceful course of action.


On 3/20/06 1:58 PM, "Sobotic Research" wrote:


Bulls**t. You insist upon not seeing the truth about what is going on. Osama and his ilk Do NOT WANT the hatred removed. It is their only reason for existence. They do not have 'fears' they want allayed. They want only one thing - complete and total destruction of civilisation as we know it. This has nothing to do with fears, better future, love, compassion, right brain, left brain, or anything else.

Had you shown 'love and compassion' and understanding to Hitler and tried to explain to him why his view of Jews was wrong, and offered him a better future, that still had Jews in it - it wouldn't have done a damn bit of good no matter how long you kept it up!!!!

The ONLY thing you can offer to Osama and his ilk is a world completely free of civilisation, where butchery of anybody you choose at any time is the accepted morality and the only right anybody has is the right to live only at the pleaseure of and in conditions dictated by Osama and his ilk and the right be killed at any instant for any reason.

What you fail to grasp in your plaintive bleatings about civilisation and humanity is that WE represent civilisation and humanity and Osama and his ilk represent a total lack of both and in fact a complete, total, unending hatred of both.

Yes, it is true that sometimes there are wars and it is true that people die in wars and sometimes many, many innocent people die but unfortunately civilisation has a cost.

Is my approach and my belief immoral? Should we never have to bend and sometimes break our morals in order to win this war? I stand by my earlier statement: "What good is morality if none of the moral are left alive?"

Wake UP!!!


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