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Thursday, May 04, 2006

DVD Compatibility

It is 2006 and our now very mature (and soon-to-be-obsolete, thanks to HD) DVD technology is STILL plagued by compatibility issues!! Jesus Christ, what is wrong with technologists??

I bought a late-model SONY Double Layer DVD burner and a bunch of FUJIFILM Double Layer media blanks, both of which are strong brand names (and presumably good quality). But these DVD+R DL disks will not play reliably on all my DVD drives (late-model SONY consumer DVD player; iMac DVD drive; Toshiba laptop DVD drive; a 4-year-old Matsushita DVD drive). One of the disks failed on ALL four drives!! 0-4.

But these disks will play fine on the DL DVD burner on which they were created. What the f*ck???

I am very disappointed. I cannot rely on Double Layer technology. From now on, I shall archive all of my DVD movies on single layer media (necessitating recompression of the VOB files). Single Layer media appear to be 100% compatible, as of 2006.

Let this be a warning to you all: You can’t trust these optical technologies, not even Blu-ray or HD DVD. STAY AWAY from Double Layer (or Dual Layer) DVD burning.


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