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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vista Pricing

Check out Futile Shop for prices on Windows Vista...

Vista Ultimate: $500

Vista Ultimate Upgrade: $300

Vista Home Premium: $300

Vista Home Premium Upgrade: $180

(“Upgrade” means that you MUST have a previous version of Windows installed! F*cking PITA. I’d NEVER buy an Upgrade version...)

These prices are very high. You’d have to be a mentally retarded consumer to spend this much money on an Operating System. Now let’s look at “OEM” prices...

At Greytech:

Vista Ultimate (OEM): $280

Vista Ultimate Upgrade: $289

Vista Home Premium (OEM): $170

Vista Home Premium Upgrade: $225

(Greytech doesn’t offer OEM versions of Upgrade edition.)

Still pretty damn high prices. Unless you’re buying a brand new computer with Vista (Home Premium) preloaded, it makes no f*cking sense whatsoever to buy Windows Vista!

Microsoft is gouging you. Compare their prices with, say, Mac OS X: $149 for the full version.

Or compare with Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop: US$125 for a 3 Year Subscription. This is again the full OS, not some stripped down version like Vista Home Premium.

Or compare with Novell openSUSE, which is the SAME software but open source: FREE!

In what universe does it make sense to PAY for Microsoft’s products???


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