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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vista Pricing, Part 2

In the United States, CompUSA offers Windows Vista, as well as other Operating Systems, at the following prices:

Vista Ultimate: $400
Vista Ultimate Upgrade: $260

Vista Home Premium: $240
Vista Home Premium Upgrade: $160

Now look at Mac OS X Tiger (which is most comparable to Vista Ultimate): $130

So Vista Ultimate = OS X and you pay 3X as much for Vista? Thanks, but no thanks.

Compare Vista with a variety of Linuxes:

Linspire: $60
Xandros Desktop: $70
openSUSE: free
Ubuntu: free

Even "OEM" versions of Vista (at half-price) are overpriced compared to OS X and Linux!

Anyone who pays retail for Vista should have the word "Sucker" emblazoned on his forehead...


Blogger Paul said...

I would suggest Vista is not for installing on existing computers. I should imagine the ability to do that would tax most normal people; rather it's to buy a whole new computer system with it already installed.

Personally I already ditched windows on two machines and installed Ubuntu.

3:43 PM  

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