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Monday, January 29, 2007

Vista Wars III

Some people need to upgrade their RAM and their video card, even on a one-year-old computer!

You mention $120 as if that’s no big deal. But if a consumer has already spent $1,500 on a new laptop one year ago, and then he has to spend another $180 for a Home Premium Upgrade, and then another $120 for the RAM upgrade, we’re already talking about tacking on another $300 to the original purchase price. And that’s before tax.

Ajith, it’s a big deal. Perhaps not for you because you’re floating in cash, but not many people are as fortunate as you are.


On 1/29/07 1:46 PM, "Ajith Shanmuganathan" wrote:

Performance is much better than XP. Programs load almost instantaneously and feel far more responsive than XP. The base O/S uses about 600M of RAM, but upgrading 1G of RAM costs about $120.


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