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Monday, January 29, 2007

Vista Wars IV

That’s laughable. How much time do most consumers spend in the Operating System? They just want to run their favourite apps, like games, web browser, office suite, iTunes, and perhaps media viewer. The OS is largely an application switcher.

It doesn’t matter to most people what their GUI front-end is like. Aero Glass? Aqua? KDE? They couldn’t care less. They just want to avoid a steep learning curve and to get on with their work. You said it yourself...there are things in Vista that require acclimation, features that don’t work the way you like.

How do I know all this? I use my girlfriend’s family as a model of typical Windows users. She, and her son and daughter (both in university), make minimum use of the desktop interface. Because, to paraphrase someone, it’s the apps, Stupid!


On 1/29/07 1:46 PM, "Ajith Shanmuganathan" wrote:

I find it difficult to use XP on my laptop, now.


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