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Monday, March 12, 2007

Chinese Astrology

Hmmm, there may be something to this Chinese astrology shit, after all. In this, The Year of the (Golden?) Pig, I seem to be enjoying some unusual good fortune...

Since Chinese New Year (February 18th), the following have happened:

  1. I bought a new condo in an area that I like, with a view that I like, with a floorplan that I like, at a bargain price.

  2. I assembled my own hot rod Vista box for an excellent total cost of less than $1,400 (tax not incl.). I expect this will jumpstart my entremanurial ambitions later this year.

  3. My girlfriend broke up with me.

  4. I bought an excellent set of new all-season radials for the Silver Beast.
  5. I am once again a millionaire.

The condo isn't too close to the Gardiner. And I get a view of both the cityline and harbourfront. And I have a comfortable amount of floorspace.

"Entremanurial," from the Old French, meaning "to undertake bullshit."

You might be wondering about #3. It's a positive fortune because I recently learned that my girlfriend is psychotic. (In fact, *all* women are psychotic.) The breakup relieves an enormous amount of stress and frustration, and I am happier as a result.

BTW, she broke up with me on Chinese New Year (the 18th)! Sheesh.

The new Goodyear Assurance TripleTred all-season radials are a blessing because if my service station hadn't brought my cracking, 8-year-old tires to my attention, I might still be driving on them. A blow-out on the 400 at 140 km/hr might kill me (or someone else).

I'm a (Canadian) millionaire, but just by a hair. A stock market correction will quickly change that. Technically speaking, this isn't a Year-of-the-Pig development since I passed the million dollar net worth mark in December, but it's close enough that I'll give the attribution.

Overall, I am feeling very sanguine about my life...

So, is it the Year of the Golden Pig? The controversy continues, but here's an interesting comment:

Each year is also linked with one of five elements: wood, metal, fire, earth and water. This year is a Fire Pig Year, which occurs once every 60 years. But because it's the 10th Fire Pig Year in a 600-year cycle, that makes it golden, says Marie Diamond, a feng shui expert who writes Chinese horoscopes for AOL.


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