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Monday, January 29, 2007

Vista Wars VI

Big improvement? Many reviewers (both professional and amateur) would disagree with you. Just look at reviews from CNET editors, from a Microsoft apologist at MIT Technology Review, from columnists at eWeek.

However, I shall concede that there are things to appreciate in Vista. The point I wish to make is that many of these things are already in OS X Tiger. Despite recent security vulnerabilities found in OS X, it is still a damn sight safer than Windows. It remains to be seen whether Vista will live up to its security claims. Hackers are now only beginning to attack Vista...

The Sidebar gadgets in Vista were copied from OS X’s Dashboard. The much-vaunted search function was modeled after OS X’s Spotlight. Gee, is there anything original in Vista?!

If you need 32-bit app compatibility, why not run them in Parallels Desktop on the Mac? You can dig up that old copy of Win2k lying around and save yourself hundreds of dollars in upgrade costs.

OS X Leopard will be coming out soon, with a raft of new features and bling-bling. What we have here is the classic game of leapfrog, with Windows and OS X trying to outdo each other with successive versions. If you think Vista is nice, why not wait a little longer and see what Leopard has to offer?


On 1/29/07 1:46 PM, "Ajith Shanmuganathan" wrote:

In general Vista is a big improvement over XP. I installed Vista Ultimate x64 in less than 1/2 an hour and it detected all my hardware flawlessly. My 3 year old Lexmark printer is the only thing that is waiting for drivers. The Aero interface is clean and efficient, the font is much easier to read than in XP. The rotating blue/green busy-cursor is really cool. I like the predefined gadgets for the weather, time, and RSS feed on the desktop.

Security is much better, it is now possible to run all the time in non-admin mode and just sudo into admin mode to do maintenance. The filesystem seems more locked down and IE seems more secure as well.

32 bit apps run fine, and I haven't seen any issues with compatibility.

Performance is much better than XP. Programs load almost instantaneously and feel far more responsive than XP. The base O/S uses about 600M of RAM, but upgrading 1G of RAM costs about $120.


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