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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vista sales tank in 2007

Here’s the detailed Harris poll that sheds doubt on Microsoft’s claims of huge Vista sales:

The public is underwhelmed by Vista. And rightly so. Microsoft’s The “Wow” starts now campaign is a joke. People are not buying into the marketing hype. They realize that there is nothing revolutionary nor compelling about Vista compared to WinXP.

The first time I saw the The “Wow” starts now campaign, I laughed. They think they can tell YOU to be wowed by this operating system?! What an infantile marketing campaign!

Just who have Microsoft hired to do their marketing? I don’t get it—can’t they hire somebody better? They surely have the money.

And why is Apple’s marketing so superior? What accounts for their ingenuity?

Anyway, despite Microsoft’s ridiculous claim of 20 million Vista sales in February, I believe 2007 will prove to be a major disappointment for them, comparable to the Windows ME debacle of 2001.


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