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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Best Place in the World to Buy a Condo

Industry professionals are calling it the "condo craze"--but whatever you name it, the condo market in Toronto and the GTA is hotter than ever before.

Watching condo sales for the last few months of 2006 was fascinating. In June, high-rise sales were up 41 per cent, beating the all-time record for market share. July brought the news that high-rise sales increased by 260 per cent in Peel Region and 215 per cent in York Region. In August, condos represented 44 per cent of all new homes sold. High-rise sales brought us the strongest September in five years. Compared to October 2005, that same month in 2006 saw a decrease in high-rise sales, but then November rolled around and sales reached a five-year high for that month.

Right now, we have the most competitive condominium market in North America, which is amazing news for consumers. Toronto and area purchasers enjoy a fabulous selection, outstanding features and remarkable building amenities, and all at competitive prices. Today's condominium developers are doing their best to put together desirable packages to attract buyers--and the buyers are the winners. Our conscientious condominium developers travel to other cities to source items, explore new construction and design techniques, and look at what other builders have to offer.

Intensive market research also ensures that our developers respond to what buyers really want. And today, they want choice. Nowhere in the U.S. will you find the flexibility to choose from so many features, finishes and upgrades. There, builders tend to offer one package and that's what you get. Here, buyers have the opportunity to personalize their condo suites with selections from a wide range of finishes.

Buyers also want fabulous architecture and environmentally friendly green features, and developers have accomplished amazing things on both fronts. Programs such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and ENERGY STAR are two programs helping builders create win-win situations that benefit both the environment and the homebuyers.

The fact is, today's consumers come into condominium sales offices more prepared than ever before, and developers are determined to keep a step ahead. It's a win-win for Toronto and area customers who get to shop for condos in the best place in the world!

- Pat Baker for Metro Dreamhomes

I bought my condo at West Harbour City, Phase 2 development, along the Lakeshore in Toronto. Expected completion is in 2010. East-facing, I will have a decent view of the Toronto cityline, as well as of the harbourfront.


Blogger Janice said...

I also purchased at West Harbour City but I would not rely on the completion date. I was told Spring 2008 but now they say it will be AT LEAST 1 year longer and up to 2 years longer. They are just starting to dig the hole now and it is quite frustrating.

11:33 AM  

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