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Monday, May 07, 2007

Feisty Fawn is a Winner!,1895,2126936,00.asp

With companies and individuals everywhere failing to find the wow in Windows Vista, Apple's OS X riding iPod sales and snarky commercials to steady growth, and long-time Microsoft partner Dell announcing plans to market a Linux desktop to the mainstream, it seems certain that the days of Microsoft's desktop monopoly are numbered.

Granted, that number is probably a large one, but as evidenced by eWEEK Labs' tests of Ubuntu Linux 7.04, the state of the Linux desktop—not to mention that of other Windows alternatives—is too strong to hold off heterogeneity forever.

I love Feisty Fawn! It works really well on my old Athlon box, something that was impossible with Vista.

I believe Ubuntu is now good enough to recommend to Windows refugees, people who are sick and tired of dealing with Windows’ crap. Its ease of use is remarkable.


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