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Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Terrific LCD TV

I passed on both the Daytek 32" and Samsung 32" LCD TVs. I found a lovely product from Toshiba, the 32HL86. (It's very similar to the 32HL66.)

I love its industrial design – it looks, oh, so cool in my bedroom! It also has great build quality.

I especially like the picture quality. I think it's better than anything from Sharp or Sony.

I bought it from Futile Shop for CDN$1,500 - $50 special coupon = $1,450. If you also subtract $150 for the 6 months of free HD PVR rental from Rogers that comes with the purchase, the effective price is $1,300 + tax. I'm making off like a bandit!


Blogger Dave said...

It's on sale for 1099.99 at the moment

Is it worth buying?


3:36 PM  

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