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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Important Consumer Advisory!!!

Last week, I reported that when I switch from a regular channel to a HD channel on my plasma TV using the HDMI connection to the Rogers HD PVR, all too often the PVR would get into an endless loop trying to synchronize (or perform handshaking with) the HD signal, resulting in a black screen (i.e., no picture).

This evening, I got fed up with that and I called Rogers Technical Support. They told me that presently HDMI is NOT supported by Rogers. Let me repeat: HDMI is NOT supported by Rogers.

I was informed that there were many complications and difficulties with HDMI at the present time and I was advised to use Component Video instead of HDMI.

Note that this is NOT mentioned in the Rogers HD PVR documentation (neither the Quick Start Guide nor the User Manual).

FYI, the Rogers HD PVR is the same as the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD set-top box.

Rogers told me that they are working on enabling HDMI at some point in the future, but they could not give me a time frame for completion.

This concludes your Important Consumer Advisory. Thank you for your attention.


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