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Monday, August 07, 2006

TV Heaven at the Fortress

My Master Bedroom setup (Toshiba LCD and Rogers Digital STB, with JVC VCR):
  • on the left side, you can see part of my Sony mini stereo system, as well as my futuristic bathroom scale.
  • on the right, you see part of my Gibbard cherrywood armoire (moucho expensive!).

My setup in the Den (
Panasonic plasma and Rogers HD PVR, with Nakamichi 5.1 audio system):
  • note that I need 3 remotes - the Panasonic remote is used for video switching and operating the DVD player; the Rogers remote is for controlling the TV and PVR; and the Nakamichi remote is used to control the AV receiver.
  • you can see a bit of my Christmas decorations around the fireplace – it’s Christmas time all year round at the Fortress!
  • “The Merchant of Venus,” starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, is playing on the television.

That concludes your tour of
TV Heaven at the Fortress. Thanks for your patronage.


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