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Sunday, August 13, 2006

AV Cables

Of the four cables I purchased for my new plasma, three of them came from The Source of All Evil by Circuit City: a 12’ Toslink cable, a 12’ Component Video cable, and a 3’ Platinum-series Component Video cable (3’ are all I need to join the plasma to the HD PVR). These three cables come from The Source’s own house brand known as “Evolution.” And the Platinum series is Evolution’s “premium” label.

In my opinion, the Platinum series is as good as the established brands such as Monster, Kimber, or Cardas. Since Evolution and Platinum are not well-known, you can bet that their premium prices, which are still lower than Monster’s, go entirely into the quality of materials and construction, not into branding! In other words, Evolution is a great value!

The Source of All Evil has become my preferred source for cables. I’ve been pleased with all three that I purchased from them. I highly recommend The Source.

(The fourth cable, the HDMI cable, came from TigerDirect. For the price [$20], I think it’s a good cable. I wouldn’t pay more for a HDMI cable from The Source.)


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